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how to run an effective crowdfunding campaign within your reach

If I asked you today: "why aren't you pursuing your goals and chasing your dreams?", what would you say?
The most common answer I get is lack of money. It holds us back from acting on our goals - we end up not publishing our books, not opening that café we've always dreamt of, not starting the business (or just insert your own dream here). And this is exactly where crowdfunding comes into play.
Having managed and advised 150+ campaigns I know exactly what works and what you need. I also invited experienced crowdfunders to show you the shortcuts and empower you to make the action.
Let's crowdfund, shall we?

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She Crowdfunds Incubation Programme is your chance to plan and launch your crowdfunding campaig. 


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Meet the Team

Agnieszka Płoska

Founder of She Crowdfunds

"This is win-win-win scenario - the more we educate, the more money will be raised, the more women will get empowered!"

Agnieszka Łukomska

Marketing Ninja

"I believe that the sisterhood is a power that makes our lives better. That's why I try to empower women's dreams."

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