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Questions about the Festival

All sessions will be happening in real time (CET) online.
Depending on the ticket you buy, you will have access to the recordings as well. 

She Crowdfunds Festival will be online on 14th of March – Tuesday (10-16 CET) and 15th of March – Wednesday (10-14:30 CET). 

She Crowdfunds Festival is an online event and will be hosted on one of the streaming platform. The details will be shared with participants (it will be accessible while logging as well as the direct links will be shared via e-mail)

You can take the most of the session being present live (i.e. you can ask questions) but this is why you will get recordings of the sessions you bought the access to.

The most up to date version of agenda is always here 
DAY 1 (WEDNESDAY 14.03.2023)
10:00 – 16:00 

Trends in crowdfunding for 2023
Women in crowdfunding – statistics & inspirations
Is crowdfunding for you? 
Types of crowdfunding (rewards, equity, real estate, etc.)
Case studies
Mistakes not to repeat
Get rid of I have no time! excuse and get ready shortcuts, that work
Debates with successful crowdfunders
Pitching competition! (Pitch you idea, sign up here)

DAY 2 (THURSDAY 15.03.2023)

10:00 – 14:30 

10:00 – 11:30 Workshop #1 Build engaged community
11:30 – 13:00 Workshop #2 Make your campaign visible  (communication)
13:00 – 14:30 Workshop #3 A crowdfunding strategy that converts, 4 steps to your success

(the detailed agenda with speakers will follow soon and by that time Early Birds price is available)

They will be published soon.
By the time all the information is not available online, the tickets are sold as early birds.

Once you buy the ticket you will have access to the welcome video and 3 videos with basic information about crowdfunding. Watching them is enough to participate in the Festival. 

Yes! She Crowdfunds Festival is about inspiring you to do more, organize your next campaign or inspire others! I would recommend you to attend first day. 

Of course! You are more than welcome! This Festival will be fully led by women, women will be guest speakers and only women can participate in Pitching Competition. But the crowdfunding knowledge is universal, so everyone is welcome! 

Questions about the tickets

A shop with the tickets is on the main website 

Once you buy the ticket, you’ll get the access to the online-course-like view, where you can access modules. Every module is giving you the bonuses you chose. This is also a place where the links to the event will be accessible and recordings. If you have questions, please get in touch here

You can access all details logging in to your account (the account will be created automatically once you buy a ticket).

Early Bird price tickets are available until 5th March, 23:59 CET.

Questions about payment

Here you have a manual that will guide you through the process of buying a ticket: MANUAL

There are the following payments methods available: 

  • [international] with GPay
  • [international] by Credit Card with Stripe
  • [international] by PayPal

If you want to pay differently, please get in touch here

Yes. If you want an invoice, choose „YES” for the question „Do you want to receive an invoice?” and provide all the required data.
You will receive your document within 48 hours.
An invoice will be send to the e-mail address provided during the order. 
The document will be send from „” with title „Your invoice to the order #(number of your order)”

Questions about materials and recordings

Once you complete the order, you will receive auto-generated login and password.
After logging in you will have access to all the materials. 

Access the MANUAL showing you how to log in

Depending on the tickets bought:

  • welcome video is available right after completing the purchase
  • an e-book „A woman from the crowd. How to run a crowdfunding campaign in 4 steps” is available right after completing the purchase
  • knowledge videos are available right after completing the purchase
  • editable pdf workbook will be available 2 weeks before the She Crowdfunds Festival
  • consulting session & individual sessions can be booked with the link available after completing the purchase 

Questions about pitching competition She Will Crowdfund

The deadline is 05.03.2023, 23:59 CET. 

The rules and the application for is available here:

She Will Crowdfund Pitching Competition is for every women who have the idea to launch a crowdfunding campaign. 

There is no limit regarding age, location, type of idea, etc. 

Only finalists will receive a direct link to Pitching Competition.
If you want to take part in the event, it is worth buying a ticket. 

The list of finalists will be announced and published on 08.03 by 23:59 CET. 
The list will be published here: and on social media

The finalists will receive an e-mail as well. 

The results of the She Will Crowdfund Pitching Competition will be announced at the end of Festival. The results will be also published here: and on social media. The winner will be informed by e-mail as well with further steps about the reward. 

The finalist will receive an e-mail with further steps. 
The preparation to the crowdfunding campaign will start within the following 2 weeks after the She Crowdfunds Festival. 

Yes. We can talk and decide if the pitching competition is for you. Get in touch here

Questions about the Empowerment Fund

She Crowdfunds Empowerment Fund is an investment tool used to invest in crowdfunding projects run by women, who are in the She Crowdfunds Accelerator Programme. 

  1. The 2nd call to She Crowdfunds Empowerment Fund will be opened in Q2 2023
  2. If you are planning your campaign, you can apply
  3. If you are matching the criteria, we’ll talk about your plans and motivation
  4. In 2nd edition there will be 5 women working on their projects
  5. 12 weeks-long programme consists of 1-1 meetings and masterminds
  6. With Empowerment Fund € 1000 is invested in pre-launch campaign
  7. Agreed % from the successful amount raised is coming back to the Fund

In every edition there are 5 women chosen among the one applying to take part in the Programme. 

Feature that make the difference: idea, motivation, determination, attitude and can-do thinking. 

At the moment what you can do is to buy more than one ticket. Give it as a gift to women you know. Or just buy more tickets because you want to support this initiative. 50% of the price of every ticket is put into the fund. I will be very transparent here. 

Let’s talk about it! Use the contact form here 

If you can’t find the answer to your question, let’s talk

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